Workers Compensation

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Insuring your employees is mandatory by law in many states. >

If during the workday your employee suffers an injury, workers’ compensation insurance is responsible for paying all of their medical expenses and salary while they recover.

This type of Insurance is MANDATORY by law in many states if you have a certain number of employees, in some states you might be eligible for.


What does it cover?

This policy consists of 3 coverages. An example of coverages for a basic policy are; $100,000 for each accident, $100,000 for each employee and $500,000 as a policy limit. These amounts will be used to benefit employees who are injured or ill from a work-related cause. These coverages can be seen in certificates and documents as 100/100/500.

Preguntas frecuentes

At what point are my coverages activated?
From the moment the insurance company approves the estimate and the binder request, the coverages of its policy are considered active.
If I work on my own, and I don't have employees, do I still need this insurance?
To determine if you need workers compensation coverage, you first need to decipher if your state has a minimum employee requirement obtain the coverage. The states that have a minimum number of employees are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin.
However, it is always a good idea to have this coverage for yourself as a business owner to cover your wage and medical bills incase you get hurt or ill.
How much might this insurance cost?
The price of this insurance is determined by the risk or activity that we are going to insure and the number of employees and payroll. Depending on how risky the activity you’re looking to insure is and the greater the number of employees, the more expensive the insurance will be. For example, insurance for a company that installs roofs with 20 employees is much more expensive than insurance from a clothing store with 5 employees.

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