Quote your Homeowner’s Insurance

If your house suffers any kind of damage, could you take care of all the expenses? Homeowner’s Insurance Will do just that.

If your home suffers any type of damage from fire, weather or other types of disasters, homeowner’s insurance is responsible for the expenses that this causes.

If you want to buy a home under mortgage, the entity that manages your loan will ask you to have Homeowner’s Insurance.

Each type of Homeowner’s Insurance coverage covers different things, but the most basic ones cover:

Covers the property

Your belongings (everything inside the house)

Liability to protect any injury suffered by someone within your property.

If your home is being repaired, the policy will pay for another place where you can stay with your family.

¿What things is your property covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

    Fire, windstorms, hail, lightning, smoke, explosions, vandalism or theft, car collisions.

    What does homeowners insurance not cover?
      Earthquakes, floods, power failure, wars, nuclear explosions, negligence, ordinances of law, intentional acts.


      Is Homeowner's Insurance mandatory?
      It’s mandatory if you’re still paying for your home.
      How is the value of my home calculated?
      Homeowner’s Insurance covers the replacement of the house structure, that is, building a similar house, with the same materials and in the same place, which is a different value than the current price of the house.
      Can I make changes to the policy before it expires?
      At any time during the policy period, the necessary changes can be made to cover any modification or renovation to the house

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