General Liability

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Protege tu profesión/negocio de cualquier demanda.

General Liability helps your small / medium business, so that you are always protected by any situation in which you are involved.

In addition, it is one of the most important components of a policy such as “Business Owners Policy” (link).

What does it cover?

Medical expenses if someone is injured on your premises

Property damage caused by your employee

All legal costs associated with a lawsuit where your or your company are sued for damages

Any claim involving false advertising, copyright infringement, among many others

If you are a tenant, and damage to the property you rent occurs, this policy will also cover those damages


How much does this insurance typically cost?
The cost of this insurance is directly related to the risk that we are insuring and how exposed the client is to that risk. A small/medium business policy can cost from $450 – $25,000. The riskier the business, the more expensive it would be.
Is it mandatory by law to have General Liability?
There is no law that requires this coverage, there are some occupations that require having this insurance in order to operate or acquire licenses / permits, such as plumber, real estate agent, fumigator etc. It is also very common to have it when you are working in the area of customer service or selling products.

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