Commercial Auto

“It doesn’t matter the size or usage of your truck, we can insure it”

If an employee had a car accident while driving a company car, who is responsible for paying any physical or bodily injury damages caused? Your commercial auto insurance.

Commercial vehicle insurance includes liability and physical damage coverage for any auto that is being used for commercial purposes, such as cars, pick-up truck, vans, dump trucks, tow trucks, trailers.

These types of policies need specific and different coverages other than those in a personal auto policy since they are exposed to greater risks.

Important Facts

The limits and coverages of commercial vehicle policies are much higher than those of personal vehicle.

These commercial policies can be bound as an individual with their TAX ID or under an business entity FEIN number, the coverages depend on the activity they want to insure.

Commercial Vehicle insurance contains additional coverages that protect your business such as, business interruption coverage, tools and equipment coverage and cargo coverage.

Basic Commercial vehicle coverages
  • Damages to your vehicles
  • Bodily injury to drivers
  • Bodily injury to third party involved
  • Property damage to third party involved
These are common vehicles that are covered under commercial vehicle policy.
  • Auto
  • Cargo van
  • Box trucks
  • Pick up trucks
  • Food truck
  • Tractor trucks
  • Trailers and containers


Which drivers are covered under a commercial vehicle policy?
Only listed drivers are allowed to drive the vehicle, however, for these policies, there is an endorsement that will allow for any EMPLOYEE to drive the vehicle
I use my car to transport myself and I also use it to deliver food through cellphone applications, would my personal auto policy cover me in the event of an accident?
More than likely the company will not be responsible for the accident, because the commercial use of the vehicle was not reported.
What do I need to quote a Commercial Vehicle policy?
  • Company name or business owner name
  • Description of business operations
  • Vin number of the vehicles

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